How does the FrontRunner discount work with my Hive Pass?

Hive Pass holders are entitled to one free station on FrontRunner. Each station beyond that first free station is .60 cents. For example, if you board FrontRunner at either of the Salt Lake Stations, you may go one station North or South for free. Every station beyond that will be .60 cents. You will need to purchase your discounted FrontRunner fare prior to boarding. The Automated Ticket Machine will calculate your discounted fare for you. It will ask if you have additional fare or cards. Hive Pass should be an option. You will be able to purchase the discounted round trip fare at that time.

My card is deactivated, what do I do?

Your card may have become deactivated due to non payment. You may activate your card by providing immediate payment. Find out how to make payment here. Please allow up to 2 business days for your pass to activated. 

What if I don't need to use my Hive Pass next month, but want to use it later in the year? 

If you do not plan on using your Hive Pass for an upcoming month, simply do not pay the $42 charge and your card will be deactivated. Keep the same card if you plan on activating for future months. To activate your Hive Pass make proper payment before the 1st of the  month you want it to be activated. 

What if my card is lost, stolen, or is malfunctioning ?

Please visit either the City & County Building or Public Utilities Building for a new Hive Pass card. There is a $10 replacement fee. You do not need to bring in anything additional. If your card is malfunctioning, please bring the card into either the City & County Building or Public Utilities and your card will be replaced at no charge.