What's next?

After verifying your address using the map above, you may register online or in person. The following items are needed for proof of residency:

For Adults:

  1. A picture identification (Driver's License, Passport, State ID)

  2. Two current pieces of official mail (such as a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last two months) that show your Salt Lake City address.  OR, if you have a lease agreement with your name and address, that is sufficient.

For minors:

1. A picture identification (IDs include school id, passport, or drivers license.)

2. One piece of documentation in their name (such as an official school correspondence, guardian tax information, or insurance statement) .

Download a check list for your convenience

For seniors, you are welcome to purchase a Hive Pass, however we encourage you to purchase a monthly pass directly through UTA because they offer the same discount and the number of Hive Passes available is limited.

If you have a Hive Pass that is set to expire, and you are wondering what to do, please click here.

If you have both your proof of residency and photo ID prepared you may visit a sales location or purchase your Hive Pass online here (Please note you are required to provide your proof of residency (2) and photo ID by either upload or direct photo upload).

Forms of payment accepted:

Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Checks

Please make checks payable to Salt Lake City Corporation 

You can pay for multiple months in advance, or set up automatic payments.

***Sorenson Unity Center does not accept cash

Hive Passes are non-refundable.


Why ride with Hive?

Salt Lake City residents want more ways to get around, whether by bus, train or bike.  More people riding transit is good for everyone, lightening the loads of car travel in our neighborhoods, cleaning the air, and reducing household costs for transportation.

Current Hive Pass holders love it!  They tell us they have been able to reduce the number of cars in their households now that they have a pass to travel with.  Some, however, don’t want to purchase the pass for the entire year. So good news, Hive passes can now be purchased for any number of consecutive months.  One month, two months, five months to a year, whatever works for you.