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Click here to read about the proposal for the new HIVE Coop pass.

The City Council meeting scheduled on March 10th was canceled.  We are hoping the Hive Pass will be an agenda item at their next meeting on March 17th.  We will post as soon as it is definitively scheduled.

Dear Hive Pass Holders:

Thank you for  your patience during the process to analyze the pilot program and think about the future of Salt Lake City’s Hive Pass. Since the completion of the pilot program, we’ve been engaged in conversations with the Utah Transit Authority to document the successes of the pilot program and also to identify and understand the components that needed revision. 

By purchasing the Hive Pass, you have made a difference. We sold over 3,000 passes within a seven month period. Collectively, nearly 40 percent of you began riding transit because of the Hive Pass and, if you rode transit before Hive, almost all of you now ride more frequently than you used to.

The program worked, but some revisions to it were required. We are happy to report that we have made progress on a new version of the Hive Pass program. The Mayor’s Office has recently submitted a proposal to the City Council for consideration, and we anticipate that a public hearing will be held on the topic soon. We will be communicating with you regularly regarding the status of the conversations so that you can participate in the process and plan ahead when choosing how you travel. 

As we have new information  will be posted to For more immediate questions please call 801-596-RIDE (7433), or email

HIVE Pass Replacement cards are temporally issued only at Salt Lake City Public Utilities, 1530 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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